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Unit 5: Writing a magazine article

Bad things about Shopping Centres

What really annoys me most about shoppings are big centres like the mall. In these days shopping is very popular. Most people use to go to these centres even when they don’t buy anything. They just go to look at clothes or some products, but they make these centres crowded.

In the first group we have are those people who just go to do window shopping, they don’t need to buy anything and these people just stand on the way, making the centre crowded.

Next the queue, in these centres there usually a long queue, when the cashier do all slowly or sometimes these are new and they don’t know how to do it, making a long queue. It’s annoying.

Then we have the air conditioning, sometimes is so crowded than the air conditioning doesn’t work, and it is annoying, because you can’t breathe very well.

Finally the robbers, in these centres it is easier to rob, because robbers can mix with the people, so you need to be aware.

I would like to end with a message. Please go to do shoppings just when you need, we don’t want these centres crowded.



Unit 4: Writing a short story

A strange day

When I woke up I look my watch and I noticed it was late, so I put a T-shirt and my jeans as fast as I could, then I ran to take the bus, but no bus was passing so I decided to walk, noticed that somebody was looking at me behind a tree and I tried to walk faster, but then a taxi approached me and the man who was driving said to me: “I can take you wherever you want, I can see you are hurry”. That was true, so I accepted his offer.

I sat down in the taxi. The doors locked automatically, and I couldn’t unlock them. And I was so nervous that I couldn’t think of anything.

The man who was driving was old and looked serious, and I told him that I needed to go to university faster because I was late, and he said “no problem”, so he took a shortcut to arrive faster. But I was so scared, so I asked him “why did you lock the doors?” and he smiled and said to me “I never lock the doors”, then I looked behind me and I noticed that we were in the countryside.


Unit 3: Writing an informal email

Hi Sheila,

I hope you’re fine, well here in Stockholm it’s amazing but I miss some things of home such as my dog “lucky”, my family, and friends. By the way it will be great go to visit you in summer, but flights on summer are quite expensive, so I will save some money to come and visit you.

I’m living in a little village in a cheap place; I live with a friend, so I’m not alone. Its difficult gets used of here because everything is different here. But I love the city its fantastic know new places.

Anyway, Marty can use my bike, I don’t have problem with that.  And thanks to send me the photos of the new flat, it’s very cute, I hope to see it soon.



PS: Open the attached photos, I send you some photos of Sweden to see.


Unit 2: Letter of application

Dear Ms. J Shields,


With reference to your advertisement in summer camp, I wish to apply for a receptionist. Please find enclosed my CV and a completed application form.

I am 19 years old and I have 2 years of experience. I worked in a hotel during 1 year as receptionist, so this job is not difficult for me and I know all the things necessary for this. Also I worked in a boutique as saleswoman and I can speak English well and some German and I am a very friendly person.

I am very interested in this job, because I would like to have more experience working in that. Also this is a great opportunity for me to work in Austria to know more about the culture and develop my skills. I am a very responsible and punctual person. I am available for an interview as of April 10.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any information. I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely,

Katherin Alamos.


Unit 1: Writting a blog

Hi, everyone!

Well I want to tell you about my New Year celebration from Chile. In my house we have a dinner before the celebration with my family and friends. Then se wait for 12′o clock to celebrate  New Year with a Firework display from my house, because we have a wonderful view, so all the family comes here to celebrate all together.

Later we have a party in the house to welcome the New Year with snacks, traditional music, etc. It’s so fun, I love New Year celebration because you can celebrate the way you want and who you want with. Bye and happy New Year

Katherin Alamos.


12E: A story with Moral

Do not judge your friends


One day a little girl called Molly was playing in the street with her toys and she was very happy playing with them. But suddenly appear a boy and he seat near the girl to see how she was playing.

But then the girl noticed that there was somebody looking at her, so she preferred play somewhere else and decided to pick her toys and try to avoid that was a boy. But the boy followed her and sat near her again, but this time he started to talk with her, he told her ”My name is Matt and I have my leg broken, because the last year I had an accident”. But Molly didn’t care and continued playing.

Then Matt tried to play with Molly, but she got angry and Molly said to him “I don’t want play with you; because you have a broken leg and you look weird, please leave me alone”. And the boy started to cry and he told her ”You are never going to have true friend”, so Molly felt very bad about the situation and decided to play with Matt and finally she spent a great time with her new friend.


Moral: Never Judge a book by its cover.





This semester I learnt a lot of things such as  vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc. But the most important in this semester I can realize I improve  the speaking part, which this is the most difficul for me, This semester I try to practice more in my house with different exercices such as with images I tried to describe with all the datails I could saw. Also the LTL I think is the best exercice to practice how to be a teachers, because we are going to be teachers in the future, so is very importat how to know do a class, in the first semmester was very difficult for me to do it, but now in this semmester I think was quite good than the last semmester, the bad point of this is I got nervous, and sometimes this doesn’t help me very much.

My weakness I think is the grammar part, I can realize in all the  quiz we did, I don’t had great marks, so I started to practice each unit on internet with the official oxford page and did a lot of exercices to improve in grammar.

Also I can emphasize the Pinpalooza, I really like it. I think is a great extra activity and help us to practice our pronunciation and have a good time with classmates and teachers, was really fun. And I like it participe in Pinpalooza with my classmates.

Finally I hope continue improve my english, pass this semmester without problems and keep doing the best of me.


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11E: A travel recomendation

If you’re going to Jardin Botanico your going to found a lot of things to do with your friends, family and have a good time. It’s in Viña del Mar and takes about half an hour from center of Viña.

You can choose different ways to arrive to Jardin Botanico, by bus, car and bicycle, if you want of course. It’s necesary carry with you food, light clothes and things for entertainment such as a ball, frisby, bycicle and even you can bring your dog, you don’t have to worry about pets, this park is allowed for animals.
Finally you can see and do a lot of things such as walk, do sports, take photos and ride a bike. Also the view is spectacular with natural forests and beautiful types of trees and flowers, so don’t forget explore all the park with wonderful natural landscapes, such as a lagoon with ducks and also have a picnic zone.

Unfortunately the park is too big and probably you can get lost in the forest, so try to go with a friend and in the afternoon sometimes it’s cold therefore don’t forget bring warm clothes to have a good time.



The Flatmates, Episode 94: A quiet night in

Here are the links of the audios:


Alice: Lilia
Paul: Katherin
Ellie: Lilia


Alice: Katherin
Paul: Lilia
Ellie: Katherin

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10E: A letter of Complaint

Dear Mr. Kingston,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with a product I purchased recently from your shop. I bought a cell phone the last week, but now it doesn’t work very well.

My receipt is dated November 4 and the model is Sony Experia Miro. When I try to touch the screen, the cell phone doesn’t work and I can’t do anything and when I want to make a call the other person can’t hear me, so I would like someone can repair it.

I hope this is the necessary information for you to send a replacement. I would be grateful if you could do this as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Katherin Alamos.


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